Mystery Snow Trouble is the first episode of Doge and Friends.

Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date March 5th 2016
Written by Doge
Directed by Cate
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Plot Edit

Doge was so so so so so so so bored from his adventure. He comes in some snow place a get stuck in ice. Spring Doge, Spoderman, Cate, Paryrus the skeleton, and Grumpy Cat help Doge by a shotgun they shot to the ice that's how it's beginning of story and evil doge attacks..Later in Garde Peashooter and friends try to defend house.And Henry the Stickmin get in fight with Ellie who will kidnaped diamond.Then They later find Doge in a temple guarded by Sanic. (Sanic and Doge are enemies in this series). Sping Doge, MLG Spider Man, Cate, Papyrus, and Grumpy Cat use their MLG weapons to try to wreck Sanic.

Characters Edit

Starting: Edit



Spring Doge



Featuring: Edit

Grumpy Cat

Cameos: Edit


Evil Doge

Errors Edit

Evil Doge threw a bowling ball at Doge. In reality, Doge would be crushed by the bowling ball instead of flying into the air.

When the gang goes to find Doge, the snowballs disappear for a moment.

Transcript Edit

Mystery Snow Trouble/Transcript

Trivia Edit

This is the first episode in the whole series.

This is also the first appearance of Evil Doge/An Antagonist.

This is the first cameo of Doge and Friends. (The next one is Sanic Doge).