• Grand theft Doge is GTA Parody.This game perfecttly 13+(not 18+ this game made for childs)

Gameplay Edit

This game has a cool story. People get to drive around and do stuff. But all you really do is do crimes and kill people. You have great driving controls.

Grand Theft Doge Edit

RatingS 13
Genre Some game where you mading missions
Realse Date 2017 8th December
Platform Xdoge 360,DogeStation 4 and DogeBoy Advance

Playable chracters(You can put characters here but it's must be for child) Edit

Doge - The main character that have girlfriend Cate.He the one of characters are playable Edit

Alternative costumes:Evil Doge,Doge E.X.E

King Julian - He is lemur that making party everytime Edit

Alternative costumes:

Scooby Doom - Scooby Doom is same Scooby Doo but with angry face.He is meme based on news about a dog who fired home. Edit

Alternative Costume:Scooby Doo(Original),Scooby Doo (Be cool Scooby doo)