FNaD 3 is another FNAD SERIES GAME!!!. This game is really COOL!!!.

Plot Edit

This game has you sitting in a office while people try to eat you. You later have the MLG things and distract them with doge treats. There are vents too. You may need to buy more Doge treats. If you have no Doge treats you die. You need to survive 5 nights.

AI Edit

Weegee - He is a new animatronic. He starts at 3rd night. To he go away play audio and change camera to put him in the place.

Yee the Dinosaur - He is one of easter eggs in the game. He doing anything like Golden Freddy he crash you game after jumpscare.

Jango Fett - Yup another character he's from star wars and do anything like Foxy.

Phantom Cate - Phantom Cate is new form of Cate she's back but broken.

Shedew - You want more Sanic rip offs here is it he is evil and scary. The most dangerous.

Shadow - Well he is ripoff of Shedew.

Nightmare FredBear - He's non-MLG Character but he spooky and he a yellow bear.

Smile Doge - A scary guy.




Grumpy Cat

Phantom Doge

Phantom Harry Potter

Patrick Star

Phantom Sanic

Phantom Teils

Phantom Sonic

Phantom Tails


Fan - You know that item who was rolling in FNAF 1? Right now he's a animatronic who wanst to eat you.