FNaD is a game where Dogetronics try to eat you. The game takes place in Doge's Donut Farm. There's also game could Five Smash Doges where you fight as dogetronics to each other. In 3424 there will be FNAD World In 4567 be new book about this series called Five Nights at Doge's Golden eyes and there's 2nd book called FNaD Silver Hot Dog.


The way you keep them from kill you is shutting a Doge Door. You have to use your Dogeras to track them. If they get 2 close shut the door or they will eat you. You many need to use a light bulb to block them! You only have limited powa because Doge is cheap.


Doge: Will eat food on the first two nights and not attack you. Unless you run out of powa. On the 3rd night he will try to eat you from the right Doge Door.

Sanic Doge: Will try to kill you from the left Doge Door. He is so fast. He is random. 

Cate: She has a set path and will try to kill you from the right Doge Door.

Shedew Doge: Will try to stay in Edgy Cove. He will run to you turring into Hyper Shedew Doge! If you don't shut that left door, you are screwed...

Golden Doge: Not much is know about him but he will teleport into your room.

Hatsune Miku: Here's here info: She is human who is female she have blue shirt and long hair she is first doge friend who is from anime. She goes to left door

Sanic: He is one of sanic doge clones. He appears in Left door at 5 am.

Catedoge: Appears at the right door and is twice as active as Cate.

Shedew:Not much know about him he is cameo in edgy cove he is easter egg he sometimes in egdy cove if you not very activated in night

Tails Miles Prower: He is Teils "MLG" The Fox rip off.He is a fox who appear in left door.

Harry Potter: He is'nt a Doge but human being doge friend.He teleport like Golden Doge and scream at you face "Join Hogwart".

Knackles: He appeared in night 1 in Fight Cool Cove.

Golden Cate: She is one of animatronics who appeared in parts and service he doing nothing he never activate.

Paper Plate Freddy-He appeared in stage, he very fast

Story Edit

To be maded by cowpocalypse