Evil Doge is a evil dog that lives in the Planets of Doge.

Child Hood Edit

Evil Doge was born and stuff. His first name was Eviil Dogge but changed it. No moar info about that later in the story. He grew up at Evil Dogs School. Evil Doge loved school with a buring passion and got amazing grades. Part of the reason is he only wanted As. His parents were very happy and gave him an Ipad. After a few days Evil Doge stopped caring about school and became a trouble maker. He later had his Ipad taken away but was about 16 by then and had a Evil Doge Car. He also at that time had a girlfriend named Evil Cate. He then stole his Ipad and drove away.

Adult Hood Edit

Evil Doge was semi dumb. However he knew grammar very well. With only his Evil Car, Ipad, and 1 hat (At the time him and Evil Cate were in a fight), he had no job. He hated everyone. Anyways, back to Evil Doge. Now Evil Doge wanted to go to space. He made a cannon and lanched. He landed on a light orange planet. The planet was owned by Doge so he stayed. While he hated Doge and Cate he said that it is better than nothing. Later he emailed people to come to Doge's planet with tons of Doge foods. Many dogs came. He is living a ok life right now.

Evil Doge

Evil Doge


A Robot of Evil Doge


Evil Doge's True Form!

Trivia Edit

  • The only way he will die is if memes die.
  • He hates Ice Cream Doge.
  • He is likes and hates Cate.