Dogetale is 8th episode in Doge and Friends.

Season 1, Episode 8
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Air date Unknown
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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Slender: The 8 WOWs Finding Doge Dora

Plot Edit

Doge and Friends go on the internet and they find out they need a job. They find a poster of Flowery. Doge Later Sees Sans. Sans sees his brother Papyrus but the Flowey Appeared. "Hi nice to meet you" says Flowey. And Then Flowey Came to Doge Team. Meanwhile they Meet Undyne and She make them go to house. Doge.exe, Evil Cate, Evil Doge, Malleo and Spooky Doge Attack.


ROUND 1 Edit

  • Doge uses Hype Scream (8 damages to Doge.exe).
  • Spring Doge uses Scream (4 damages to Malleo).
  • Cate uses Claws (4 damages to Malleo).
  • MLG Spiderman uses Ultra MLG Web (5998 Damages to Malleo).
  • Malleo Faints.
  • Papyrus uses Punch (5 damages to spooky doge).
  • Grumpy Cat uses NO (6 damages to Doge.exe).
  • Doge E. X. e Faints.
  • Sans uses Punch (4 damages to Weegee).
  • Alphys uses throw monitor (5 damages to Weegee
  • Undyne uses spear Attack (5 damages to Weegee).
  • Sun Flower Gives to his Friends to be more powerful
  • Flowey Uses Creepy SmileF (6 damages to Weegee).
  • Weegee uses

Trivia Edit