Every Wiki should have some rules and this one is no exception. Here you need to learn to not fuk with Doge. If you do any of these, you will be punished. See more in the Punishment Process. If you follow these you will have nothing to worry about! :D



  • You MAY swear a little bit. However spamming F-Bombs and other words will still get you a ban.
  • If you remove warning/ban messages, you get a longer ban.
  • No deleting true info.
  • No spamming anywhere.
  • Don't edit other peoples profile.
  • Please check if someone already made the page you are making. (2 warnings.)
  • Please make only two alt accounts. If you have a good reason you can make more.
  • Good Spelling PLZ.
  • Must have bad grammar. (Joke Rule.)
  • No stupid fights.
  • Be nice.
  • Give credit to other sites.
  • No links to bad other sites. (No warnings.)
  • NO HATING DOGE! (Instant Ban.)

Punishment Process

  1. Warning.
  2. 2 hour ban.
  3. 1 day.
  4. 1 week.
  5. 1 mouth
  6. 1 year.
  7. Forever.